Chocolate capital

Chocolate capital

Ecuador today is the largest producer of fine aroma cocoa. Our country supplies the raw material for fine chocolates manufactured in different countries. This is due to our unmatched geographic conditions. After more than 500 years, the floral aroma of our cocoa has evolved into something unique. It is called Arriba Cocoa by historians.

Cocoa is said to have existed since 3800 BC. (Mayan and Olmec Territories). However, current research establishes that it is of Amazonian origin (4800 BC. Santa Ana, La Florida, Mayo Chinchipe Culture).

By tradition, Ecuador is a cocoa producer and is currently recognized internationally for being the supplier country of more than 60% of the world production of fine aroma cocoa, a raw material that is required and coveted in the European and North American industry for the manufacture of fine chocolates.

Cocoa contributes more than USD 700 million to the Ecuadorian economy. There are several Ecuadorian brands of fine chocolate that are exported and compete in the most demanding markets in Europe and Asia.





The abundance of natural resources that characterizes the cocoa production areas in Ecuador, has allowed this product, over several centuries and in the hands of 100,000 small farmers, to develop unique attributes of flavor and aroma. Ecuadorian cocoa is distinguished by having a variety of flavors, highlighting those that evoke plums, raisins, blackberries, citrus, nuts, caramel, honey, malt, cane, almonds, peanuts, jasmine flowers and violets.

Fine aroma cocoa, has distinctive aroma and flavor characteristics which are highly appreciated by chocolate manufacturers. This represents only 5% of world cocoa production. Ecuador, due to its geographical conditions and its richness in biological resources, is the producer par excellence of fine aroma Arriba cocoa (63% of world production) from the national variety whose flavor has been recognized for centuries in the international market. This type of bean is used in all refined chocolates. However, what many may not know is that fine chocolate stands out for its purity, specifically, the flavor and fragrance that cocoa has.

Of the total Ecuadorian export, it is estimated that 80% is fine aroma cocoa, while the remaining 20% goes to other varieties such as CCN51. Ecuador is positioned as the most competitive country in Latin America in this field, followed by far by Venezuela, Panama and Mexico, which are countries that have gradually increased their participation in the world market for fine cocoa beans.


Thanks to its medicinal properties, cocoa can be used as an anti-inflammatory. It also helps to heal tumors and skin swelling. For this, the husk is grated or scraped when the cocoa is still tender and then is placed directly on the affected area.

According to testimonies, the cocoa slime also has the property of absorbing tumors.
For machete cuts or wounds, this same plaster is placed on the affected area. It stops the bleeding right away and after a couple of days, the wound heals.

There are people who boil the cocoa leaves to bathe women after giving birth, as it is warm and helps replenish the person.

Cocoa is also used to cure arthritis by roasting the bean, grinding it, and adding water. A butter known as cocoa butter comes out of this mixture, which should be rubbed in the areas where there is pain.


Chocolate is the delicious food that is obtained by mixing sugar with two products that are derived from the manipulation of cocoa beans: cocoa mass and cocoa butter. From this basic combination, different types of chocolate are made. The proportion between these elements varies and when mixed with other products such as milk, dyes, nuts, etc. we get different types of chocolate.

  • Contains theobromine that stimulates the generation of endorphins, which are the hormones of euphoria and happiness.
  • Improves the health of blood vessels and blood circulation.
  • Contains serotonin for the best function of the brain.
  • Reduces depression and improves the mood of people who consume it.
  • Contains positive fats for the body.
  • It helps to focus.
  • Dark chocolate is known as a product that lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure and produces of a number of antioxidants.


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