Creative Tourism


Creative Tourism

In Quito you can find from cooking classes that will immerse you in the aromas of our traditional flavors, or learn how to make the best chocolate in the world, to traditional goldsmith and painting workshops; tour agroecological farms and experience the varied flavors of our craft beer and high-altitude coffee. You can learn more about the fascinating world of the famous Ecuadorian rose and delight in the art and culture that this city has to offer you; These are just some of the experiences that make Quito a truly creative destination.

Santana Brewery

An ideal place to learn and taste the varieties of craft beers, where you will learn about their history and brewing process. The beers are made to give you the same spirit and hospitality that characterizes this brand, where each beer is made with the best ingredients, harmonized in unique styles that represent family pride.

La Quite帽a Gourmet Brewery

In the Middle of the World sector is 鈥淟a Quite帽a鈥 gourmet brewery, where you can taste craft beer accompanied by artisan sausages made on site. In addition, tours are made that highlight the history of the beer plant.

Agave Spirit

It is a project of more than 15 years of research, innovation and enhancement of the culture of the Andean agave. In its artisan production center, it is possible to interact more deeply with the magical processes of extraction, transformation, pasteurization, fermentation, styling, resting and elaboration of the well-known chaguarmisqui. You can access the environmental interpretation area where the agave plant and its planting and growth process are.

Finca Frajares

Producer of specialty coffee, recognized for its quality, offers visitors a fascinating tourist experience of high-altitude coffee. The activities to be carried out in this place are experiential and are recommended for coffee lovers and for those who appreciate its unique flavor and aroma, allowing the visitor to enjoy an incredible experience surrounded by a beautiful natural environment of the Andean Choc贸.

Manos en la Ronda

One of the projects developed in Quito to recognize the talent of a group of artisans in La Ronda and generate a relationship between tourists and local artists: 鈥淢anos en La Ronda鈥 is located in two beautiful heritage houses, Casa 989 and Casa 925. Visitors create their own memories with silver, wood, metal, wax, chocolate and other elements and get to know the historical crafts and techniques that artisans maintain with great skill.


Pacari House of Experiences

Experimental chocolate tastings and preparation of vegan truffles, through which you can learn about the tradition of cocoa worldwide, the history of cocoa in Ecuador and the history of fine aroma chocolate Pacari, their awards and recognitions; as well as you will find the Caf茅 and shop where you can buy and taste all the brand’s products.

Mashpi- Shungo Agroecological Farm

It is an experience that combines tours full of colors, smells and flavors, in which you learn how to make chocolat, while it is possible to participate in agroecological activities, permaculture, scientific research and volunteering.

Caf茅 Galer铆a

Live experiences for tourists are offered through the traditional and modern preparations of Quito. Chef Francisco Larco proposes a tour of the 18th century Quito traditions, with Ecuadorian coffee and tortillas cooked in pots that were eaten in the afternoon.

Mishqui Lab

芦Mishki Lab – The Laboratory of the Tasty禄, is a project of the Quito Eterno Foundation, to rescue the heritage importance of Ecuadorian food, through cooking workshops which bring people closer to the food heritage.

Cafeter铆a Familiar La Marelle

It is a family space to see theater and circus performances with live music and also, to carry out experiential workshops for all tastes in photography, theater and circus. Accompany your experience enjoying an exquisite meal.


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