Hacienda Siento 13: A Refuge of Wellness and Natural Connection

Discover the Perfect Balance

Hacienda Siento 13 is an oasis of tranquility and well-being located in Guyllabamba, just one hour from Quito.

This refuge offers a unique experience in Ecuador, focused on the cannabis world and its benefits, providing an ideal environment to relax, connect with nature and enjoy various educational and recreational activities.

A Refuge of Wellness and Natural Connection

History and Philosophy

The hacienda has established itself as a space where wellness is a way of life. Since its creation, it has sought to offer its visitors a way to connect deeply with nature and with themselves through multi-sensory experiences that highlight the benefits of cannabis. This philosophy of life is reflected in every corner of the hacienda, which has been carefully designed to promote harmony and relaxation.

Website: https://haciendasiento13.com/

Activities and Experiences

At Hacienda Siento 13, visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities and services:

  • Cannabis TourThis tour offers a comprehensive overview of cannabis cultivation, highlighting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Participants can learn about the cultivation process and the origin of cannabis plants in an educational and dynamic environment.

  • Lodging and RecreationThe hacienda offers accommodation options in double rooms and suites, all designed to maximize comfort and relaxation. In addition, visitors can enjoy vaporization sessions, cannabis oil massages and a variety of outdoor activities.

Alternative Plan in Quito

If you are looking for a different plan in Quito, Hacienda Siento 13 is an excellent option. Located in Guayllabamba, just an hour from the city, it offers a rehabilitative experience in the middle of nature. You can learn about the benefits of cannabis and enjoy the first multi-sensory cannabis experience in the country. The tour costs $45 per person and includes a mimosa, brunch, a tour of the plantations and a cannabis product workshop. Connect with your senses and find balance in every moment.

Commitment to Sustainability

Hacienda Siento 13 promotes sustainable agriculture that respects the environment. Through natural farming practices, the hacienda avoids the use of chemicals and pesticides, favoring biodiversity and the health of the ecosystem. This dedication to sustainability is reflected in the quality of their products and in the educational experience they offer their visitors.

Visiting Hacienda Siento 13 is an opportunity to disconnect from daily stress and immerse yourself in an environment of wellness and natural connection. With its focus on education and sustainability, the hacienda offers a unique experience that combines relaxation, learning and a deep connection with nature.


Hacienda Siento 13 is located in Guayllabamba, providing a perfect escape from the city and an opportunity to immerse yourself in a natural and serene environment.

For more information and reservations, you can visit their (https://haciendasiento13.com/).

Discover the perfect balance at Hacienda Siento 13!

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