INTI RAYMI 2024 Celebrate the Festival of the Sun in Yaruquí

This June 22 at the Ñucanchik Yuyay Cultural Center will be the heart of the Inti Raymi – Yaruquí 2024 Tourist and Gastronomic Festival, one of the most significant ancestral festivities of the year. An unmissable agenda that will last from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, this event promises to share all the cultural and culinary richness in the emblematic rural area of the Ecuadorian capital.  The event will be attended by local authorities and Mayor Pabel Muñoz.

In this ancestral celebration, ancient Andean rituals will be recreated in honor of the sun.

Ñucanchik Yuyay Cultural Center – "Our Thought"

This center, founded in 1989, aims to rescue, preserve and disseminate the traditions and culture of the Cayambe-Caranqui culture, being a living testimony of the cultural heritage. In its facilities you will find archaeological pieces, handicrafts, typical clothing. In this space you will enjoy the festival of the sun with all the activities of dance, music and ancestral rituals; in addition to gastronomic enjoyment.

How to get there?

To enjoy this event we leave you some options:

Bus: From Playón de la Marín you can take a bus from the Yaruquí Transport Cooperative, when you arrive you will be a few blocks from the Cultural Center.

Car: Take Interoceanic Avenue to the north approximately 20 km to the entrance to Yaruquí.

The exact address of Ñucanchik Yuyay in Yaruquí is: Calle Eloy Alfaro y Abdón Calderón.

We leave you this link so that you can easily find the location: Google Maps- Ñucanchik Yuyay Cultural Center.

Recommendations for the Inti Raymi celebration

Yaruquí is a warm area, we suggest you wear light clothing so that you can enjoy all the activities, join the dances and be able to enjoy delicious typical dishes.

Acquire unique handicrafts and join the Andean traditions that are alive in our city.

Enjoy this June 22 the Inti Raymi festival in a plan that celebrates our culture and ancestral traditions, get out of the city and live a unique experience in Yaruquí.

For more information

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