Quito is unique, you will not forget us for a long time.

We offer a variety of things to buy, souvenirs. Every time you look at them you will want to return. Here we suggest several things you can include in your list. 

Espadrilles: Comfortable footwear and very much in fashion everywhere.

Chocolate bars, made from fine aroma cocoa. There are dozens of brands! Try Pacari, Hoja Verde, Kallari, among others.

Nature Photography Books by Murray Cooper, a South African photographer who fell in love with the fauna and forests of Ecuador. His work is wonderful.

The authentic Panama Hat which is actually Ecuadorian. Those of Homero Ortega, whose store is located in Isabel La Católica and Madrid, are known for their quality and beauty.

Replicas of our religious art of saints and virgins carved from wood and other materials, which represent the “Quito School” influence.

Guava or uvilla jam, absolutely delicious. They go well with any type of bread.

Poncho made of sheep, llama or alpaca wool. The alpaca ones are the finest!

Andean knitted sweaters of every color and design.

Embroidered shirts and shoes from Zuleta, a community located in the province of Imbabura. They are handmade with beautiful designs.

A classical guitar by Master Hugo Chiliquinga: www.guitarrashugochiliquinga.com

Preserved roses. Contact with www.kiaraflowers.com

Masks or paintings from Tigua, a small town in the Andean paramo. It is the most emblematic exhibition of naïf art in Ecuador.

These pieces are available for sale Monday through Friday at El Panecillo and on weekends at El Ejido park outdoor gallery.

A colorful sisal “shigra” bag. You can look it up at the Mercado Artesanal (Craft market)

A Virgin of Quito or Baby Jesus, with their costumes sewn or embroidered by the expert hands of Manto Sagrado.

Chessboards “Conquistadores vs. Indians” or “Galapagos Animals” style, with tagua pieces (look for them in craft stores or the craft market).

Jewels made in tagua, a fascinating vegetable ivory (we export it, it is the raw material for making buttons) that comes from the jungle of the Ecuadorian coast.

“Indigenista” works of art, inspired by Andean themes. You can find them in different galleries of La Mariscal, also in the store of The Chapel of Man, in Bellavista.

You can also get them every weekend at the El Ejido park street fair.


El Quinde (Venezuela and Espejo Streets)

This is a specialty store that has a wide variety of products made by local artisans, artists, and designers.

Here you will also find tourist information, tickets for museums and cultural centers, internet service and free lockers.

Ecuador Gourmet Gallery (Reina Victoria and Lizardo García Streets)

In this beautiful Republican-style house, there is a shop-gallery that exhibits fine artisan products, ceramics, Panama hats and other fine pieces of Ecuadorian culture.

Craft Market / Mercado Artesanal (Jorge Washington, between Reina Victoria and Juan León Mera streets.)

This market is located in La Mariscal. It is a great place to shop for souvenirs, art and clothing. Here you can find handicrafts from all over the country. There are many silver jewelry shops with pieces for every taste.

Ask for a small discount, you can always get beautiful items at a lower price.

We recommend that you visit the Beltrán Gallery, on Reina Victoria Street, a few meters from the Craft Market, where you will find original works of art by various artists, including those of the painter Mario Ronquillo, with a neo-impressionist influence.

Olga Fisch Folklore (Av. Colón y Caamaño and also Quicentro Shopping)

Here you find elements of sophisticated design. Items such as clothing, accessories, jewelry and high-end crafts.

It is a store that works to recognize local talent and empower artisans through sustainability and fair-trade policies.

Camari (Marchena and Versailles streets, Santa Clara market)

In this store you will find a wide variety of Andean ingredients: quinoa, cassava starch, dried fruits and medicinal herbs.

It is the perfect place to buy native organic products, many of them vegan.

Artesanía Urbana (La Ronda Street)

An excellent store, where the work of ingenious contemporary artisans from Ecuador stands out.

La Nueva Comuna (Valladolid and Galavis Streets)

It is a group of designers that offer unique objects of art and decoration in La Floresta.

Arte Rayuela (Camino de Orellana, Guápulo)

A store that promotes creative design in the always picturesque neighborhood of Guápulo. You will get crafts, bamboo lamps, ceramics, sculptures, jewelry and works of art.


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